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Julep Maven July '13 Box Review

Hello peeps!

I just got my Julep Maven  July box and that means review time! One thing I'm not very happy about is that my 4th of July themed add on is rendered useless by the fact that I got my julep box on the 6th! On the other hand, they've now streamlined the shipping system and instead of shipping the box and add ons separately, they're now altogether in one box! What a roller coaster ride of emotions! 

This month I had to go with the 'it girl' set because I avoided the 'beach tonic' oil like the plague! I have enough oils for my hair and I can't stand oily skin at all, especially when the weather is so unbearably hot! I decided to get two nail color add ons and I just had to (HAD TO!) get the sea spray ( even though I have 3 others). Fortunately, I love the spray but the colors are a mixed bag. I think I may be experiencing a bit of nail color fatigue even though I previously thought it impossible (sniff sniff) or maybe it's because this month's summery selection and theme (California coast which I happen to live at so the novelty has worn off, so to speak) aren't really my style. I can't wait for fall! Nevertheless, if August's theme is super summery as well, I might finally be able to skip the month! Which is something I've be unable to do in the entire year I've been subscribed!

A first look at July's box
Another look with the sea salt spray unpackaged

Now for the very exciting item by item review: 

First of all, here are pics of just the colors with flash and without. I've found that the pictures of the colors look kind of terrible when I leave them plastic wrapped so I had to take it off in order to show them more accurately. 

With flash: Tracy, Nadia, Angela, Fireworks, Something Blue

W/o flash and a bit blurry: Tracy, Nadia, Angela, Fireworks, Something Blue 

Nail Colors


Angela is a "deep sea blue molten" so it's a dark blue/green and a bit shimmery. I decided to use it as a pedi color but you really can't see how the color shines on the toes (it just looks like a dark blue) so I'm definitely doing a mani in this color next time. It's not a groundbreaking color but solid enough to stay in my collection. 7/10


Tracy is actually the only color I was really excited about in the 'it girl' set. It's a sparkly ocean blue sea salt textured color and it is definitely my favorite color this month. I actually decided to do my current manicure with this color (used essie base coat and nails inc.'s new top coat) and it looks fantastically shimmery blue and I love it. However, the texture does it make it hard to work with and I recommend doing a base coat and just one coat of 'Tracy' because it could get too thick or gloppy with two coats and then be impossible to try. It actually took pretty long to dry with one coat and I still managed to squish up the topcoat on a couple of nails because of the texture. Nevertheless, the final product is beautiful enough that you know you've got to take your time but the end result is damn near magical ;) 11/10


This color I wasn't too excited about and it basically came as a default because I kept the 'it girl' profile. It's a "sun kissed golden frost" but it doesn't really excite me because it just seems like nothing I haven't seen before and I feel like I have about 3 dupes that look almost exactly the same. I might trade or gift it but it isn't an ugly or bad color at all, it's just not something I personally like right now. 6/10


A glitter topcoat. Red, blue, and silver glitter in different sizes with a clear base. I got it too late to wear on the Fourth of July (though I was able to do a pretty good and festive mani with Ellen, Gunta, Bunny, Sienna, and America the Beautiful) so I think I might have to save this one until the next relevant holiday. I did swatch it and the texture isn't lumpy which is great. Overall, a cute purchase but if I'd known that I wouldn't get it in time, I would've skipped it. 8/10

Something Blue

Soooo I might have a couple of 'something blue' dupes (or 3/4) but the name and the fact that it kind of reminds me of a Tiffany box made me just have to have it. I like the color and I feel like it can transition into fall with the right outfit even though it is quite bright. The texture isnt streaky and the color is saturated enough that one coat has pretty good coverage. So, overall, I'm quite happy with the color, texture, and even the name. 10/10

Non-Nail Items:

Julep Green Tea Blotting Papers

These were a nice surprise included as a little bonus and they're very well suited to the season. Since I hate how hot it has been for the last couple of weeks (my makeup is freakishly melty and my skin is getting oilier than ever!!!!) and I'm running out of my old blotting papers, this is akin to a tiny miracle. According to the packaging, they're made with natural linen and green tea. I'm quite comfortable putting them on my face and wiping away the disgusting sweat and oil that typify this horrible weather!!! 10/10

Sea Salt Texture Spray

I've been into sea salt texturizing sprays for years now (way back when basically only Fekkai and Bumble+ Bumble had popular versions). Nowadays, almost everyone sells this type of spray in the summer and I've collected a mix of high and low-end brands that all tend to give different results. Plus I've discovered that adding a bit of this spray to your roots when hair is still damp really does help with volume (super important because my hair is super fine and either frizzes out or lies terribly flat without the help of various styling products). As a result, I couldn't help myself and got the spray as an add on. The size is respectable ( pretty much a full size bottle at 3.9 fl oz) and the scent is awesome. I'm glad I got this  because I just know I would've been obsessed with getting it otherwise. Also, even the packaging is cute what with its very ocean-y theme ;) 11/10 

Overall, I'm satisfied with this month's lot but I'm sincerely not as in love as other months. It might be due to the aforementioned fact that the theme just doesn't really 'grab' me (unlike the 20s theme that made me go all the way to the complete upgrade) and that I just don't favor summer colors. Hopefully, next month's theme is less summer-y and if not, I just might finally post an "I Skipped!!!" post. 

$19.99 (add-on prices vary and are added on to the $19.99 base price) 
Ability to earn free boxes, ability to use earned jules to pay for add-ons, etc.
Yep. While I'm not the biggest lover of summer themed boxes, Julep does regularly keep me a very happy customer. Their CS is fantastic (especially if you call in because emails may take a while to get a response) and their variety of offered items gets better every month. This used to be a nail polish only sub but now with the advent of the 'modern beauty' profile, you can get other types of beauty items every month. I'd say try a month (maybe wait until the 20th of this month so you know the August theme even though I think you'd get the intro box and would have to add on the themed box but those are assumptions so check with julep first) if you're really interested. You can always (and should!) cancel if you're not in love

As always, don't spend your hard earned cash on something you're not 100% in love with! 

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